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EuroMillions winners have barely spent a penny since becoming millionaires
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A couple from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire have spoken two years after their multi-million pound EuroMillions lottery win, and said that barely anything has changed for them since that fateful weekend.Catherine and Gareth Bull won £40.2 million on the EuroMillions in 2012, but they were determined that their win wouldn’t change who they are and the way that they were bringing up their children. The lottery winners have stayed true to their word, and their sons live a normal life, as if their parents are not really sitting on a multi-million pound fortune.When they first discovered their EuroMillions win in January 2012, Mr and Mrs Bull first consulted their sons’ headmistress to talk through the way that their boys would be treated if and when they decided to go public. After the headmistress assured the lottery winners that their sons would be treated exactly the same, the couple told their sons and then went public, insisting that nothing will change.The couple said that on finding out that their parents were EuroMillions winners, the biggest thing the two boys have asked for was a handful of chocolate bars. “They mirror us,” said Mr Bull, as he said that despite having millions of pounds behind them, the family still shops at Aldi and lives as frugally as they did before.The biggest change in the Bulls’ lives came in the form of both parents finishing work. Mrs Bull handed in her notice at the private health insurance provider she had been working for three weeks after the win, while Mr Bull wound down his business 18 months after their won their EuroMillions fortune.The family still lives in the same house, and they buy all of their clothes and groceries from high street stores and supermarkets. Their biggest extravagance were new cars for each parent, and private boxes at both Wembley and Old Trafford, both of which are donated to charity if the family isn’t able to go. The EuroMillions winners have kept their family at the heart of every decision that they’ve made since the win, and the fact that the money allowed them to spend more time together as a family was by far the biggest advantage, says Mrs Bull as she continues “The win has just given us a lot more choices.”To get a chance of also becoming a winner, purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at