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EuroMillions winner’s son loses court claim for more money after blowing £1.6 million
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The son of a EuroMillions winner who spent £1.6 million of his father’s fortune in less than two years has had his claim for more money dismissed by a court.Dave Dawes and his wife Angie won £101 million in the EuroMillions lottery back in 2011, and following the win, the father and stepmother gave Michael Dawes a share of the winnings to help him out. Originally be was given £1 million, which was spent within a month on a new home, gifts for friends, and living expenses when Michael quit his job. This is a very different story to that which broke when the Dawes’ first won their EuroMillions prize, as Michael Dawes said he had no plans to change anything about his life following his father’s win.However, while Michael assumed that because his father and stepmother had become EuroMillions millionaires, he would never have to work again, that wasn’t the case, because the couple soon became tired of shelling out for his expensive lifestyle. Unfortunately, it happens to lottery winners to end up in court disputing their winnings, for example recently a Florida Powerball winner was ordered by a court to pay a proportion of her $1 million prize to her ex-boyfriend.According to the judge, Michael Dawes and his partner were spending up to £30,000 a month and living out of their means. When his son claimed to have run out of money in April 2012, Dave Dawes said he was astounded, but wanted to help, so he continued to transfer funds to his bank account. We recently told you about a father and son who shared a $1 million lottery scratch card prize, but their ending was much more amicable.A year later, the EuroMillions winners agreed to pay off Michael and his partner’s debts, but determined that they would no longer be financially supporting him. The judge in the court case declared that Michael was given the opportunity to take a vast amount of money and spend it on a comfortable life that many people will never lay claim to, saying: “For his own reasons he chose not to take that opportunity. I therefore dismiss this claim.” Lottery wins are usually occasions to bring families closer together, just like a man from Ontario in Canada who was set for a family reunion after winning over $12 million on the Lotto 649.Following their big EuroMillions win, the Dawes’ used their £101 million fortune to help those around them, giving away more than £30 million to relatives and close family, and setting up a charity. A Florida Lotto winner was just as generous with her $43 million win, as the 90-year-old said her family can have it all.To be able to treat your loved ones with your windfall, purchase your tickets online at