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EuroMillions winners still shop for a bargain despite being millionaires
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A couple of EuroMillions winners from Dumfries have spoken about what their £1 million EuroMillions win has done for them almost two years later, and how they still save their money.Roberta and Barry Little won £1 million in a special EuroMillions draw on January 1st 2013 which saw the lottery game make 25 people New Year millionaires in a special raffle game. Despite having the money now to splurge on expensive holidays and shop in the designer clothing stores, the couple instead stick to a budget as they have always done, shop for groceries in Aldi and Lidl, and buy their clothes from the sale racks.The biggest splurge that the Littles made was on a £250,000 house, which is on an ordinary street in the neighbourhood where they lived before the big win, and they also took their three children on a trip to Disneyland. Since then, however, the family has lived as if nothing ever happened, and they have made sensible investments with the money that they didn’t immediately spend, meaning that they almost have the full million pounds still sitting in their bank account.Before the lottery win, the family was living off benefits from the state due to an accident that Mr Little had suffered, injuring his back and rendering him unable to work. “We lived hand to mouth,” said Mrs Little, as she recalled how the EuroMillions win meant that the family no longer had to struggle.However, they still live on a budget, and the children receive only £10 per week for pocket money. The EuroMillions winners go on holiday in a caravan park just 50 miles away in Auchenlarie at Castle Douglas, and they still drive a 2005 second hand mini.Since the EuroMillions win, Mrs Little has been working to train as a hairdresser, and despite having a million pounds sitting in the bank she qualified last year and is about to open her own salon in Dumfries. Mr Little has been working on his fitness, and has set up a community transport group which is free for those who need it. “The money really hasn’t changed us,” said Mrs Little.Give yourself a chance to win and purchase your lottery tickets online now at