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EuroMillions winnings couple now living in Tom Jones’ old country manor house
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An English couple who won £101 million on the EuroMillions lottery seven years ago have recently splashed out on Tom Jones’ old country manor house.Dave and Angela Dawes, from Cambridgeshire, won their £101 million on the EuroMillions in 2011, and originally bought themselves a luxury flat in West London, just a stone’s throw away from their beloved Chelsea’s football stadium. Now, however, the lottery winnings pair have sold their flat, and reinvested their profits into a Grade two listed country mansion that was once part owned by Tom Jones. A EuroMillions winner in Spain bought a home with his €137 million EuroMillions jackpot, but instead of buying a house which once belonged to a celebrity, he moved next door to one.The manor house in Etchingham, East Sussex was co-owned by Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck, and now it is owned by Dave and Angela Dawes. The two singers bought the house together in the 1960s, during a time when they both enjoyed plenty of fame.The home was the site of world celebrity parties while Jones and Humperdinck resided there, and it certainly is a mansion worthy of a party, as the EuroMillions winners now find themselves with six bedrooms, a cinema and a dedicated party room. Some Irish Lotto winners had a new home on the list after winning over €7 million, including an indoor slide and cinema.The home was described as “bright and quirky with an eclectic mix of touches” while it was for sale, and we wonder which of those adjectives it was which attracted Mr and Mrs Dawes. A couple from the Cotswolds who won £56 million in the EuroMillions lottery purchased a £6 million home despite having another £4.5 million house to sell.After they won their EuroMillions jackpot, the Dawes gave £1 million each to 20 close family and friends, and Britain’s fifth biggest lottery winners now live on 56 acres complete with its own lake and boathouse. Neil Trotter, who won £108 million on the EuroMillions in 2014, also bought a luxury home with its own lake. Dave and Angela also set up a charity with their winnings, bought a Rolls Royce and treated themselves to luxury holidays.Last year, Mr Dawes’ son Michael, unsuccessfully sued his father for support after he spent all of the £1.6 million given to him after his father’s EuroMillions win.Have you already planned how to use your windfall? To become next big winner, play online now at