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Even EuroMillions Winners Can Get Lonely
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Jane Park is 19 years-old, works night-shifts in a taxi office and has moved home to live with her mother. You’d never guess that in 2013 with her first ever EuroMillions ticket she won £1m.The EuroMillions winner lives in Niddrie in Scotland and has amassed a collection of more than 50 pairs of expensive trainers, had several holidays (including one in which she broke an arm and a kneecap) and purchased a three-bedroom detached home.Life hasn’t always been easy for Jane since her EuroMillions win in July 2013. She was just 17 years old when she became a millionaire and could easily have remained anonymous. However, the lucky EuroMillions winner decided to announce her win on Facebook. Since then she’s suffered abuse from trolls attacking her looks.Loneliness has been a big problem for the EuroMillions winner especially after she bought her three-bedroom detached home. She struggled to stay on top of bills and cleaning the property before moving back home to live with her mother, Linda in Niddrie.Recently the EuroMillions winner started working the night-shift manning the phones at a local taxi firm. “I did my first shift the other night and I really enjoyed it,” she says. “It means if I end up getting really bored and wanting a job, I’ll be able to say I have experience of doing that as well as having worked in an office and doing a bit in a hairdressers before.” Jane also organizes teen club nights at venues in Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Falkirk.Even though she’s had problems Jane believes a lot of good has come out of her EuroMillions win. “I have bought a house, mortgage-free at 17, I gave lots away to family and friends and I have splashed a bit, but I’ve still got loads. Money can’t buy love or true friends. It can’t buy you family. What it does bring is a certain amount of happiness. You can do things you would never have done before. But it’s better if you have someone to do it with.”Play EuroMillions online with us at It’s simple and easy.