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Ever wondered how to win the lottery? Irish National Lottery reveals secrets
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Have you ever wondered how you can increase your chances of winning the lottery? The Irish National Lottery has revealed the most common way people win big.The National Lottery in Ireland has revealed that most big wins come via syndicate groups, especially the large jackpots. A survey conducted in Ireland showed that almost one third of adults in the country take part in syndicate groups for the National Lottery, and most of them are conducted in workplaces.Dermot Griffin, the National Lottery CEO for Ireland, said that the Irish have a history of doing well on the EuroMillions lottery, especially when they play in syndicates. “There has been a total of 12 jackpot wins since the game launched in 2004,” Mr Griffin said. “Seven of those were syndicates.” A lottery retailer in Donegal, Ireland, this week celebrated selling a winning Irish Lotto ticket for the first time in 28 years!The National Lottery official continued to say that the Irish have been big fans of the EuroMillions lottery since it launched across the continent, and that 61% of syndicates in the country play EuroMillions together, compared to 39% who play the Irish Lotto.According to a poll taken across Ireland, the average number of people who make up a syndicate is 11, and most of the groups are formed from colleagues, just like the supermarket syndicate who won €219,472 on the Irish Lotto on St Patrick’s Day this year. Families are the second most popular group, such as a family from Co Westmeath who took home a €4.6 million Irish Lotto prize in 2016 while friends make up the final percentage, a syndicate of 37 friends from Co Cork won €29,526 on the EuroMillions at the end of last year.The survey asked people why they choose to join National Lottery syndicates, with most of them saying that they join for fun, with the remainder discussing fear of missing out on a big jackpot and wanting a better chance of winning some money or the jackpot itself. Ireland’s biggest ever jackpot winner was Dolores McNamara from Limerick who took home €115 million on the EuroMillions in 2005, while the luckiest syndicate was from an anonymous group from Dublin who bagged €86.7 million in 2014 on the EuroMillions.Remember, "you have to be in it to win it", so purchase your tickets online now at