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Fantastic Jackpots after Weekend of Rollovers are Out of this World
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Fantastic Jackpots after Weekend of Rollovers are Out of this World

The weekend lottery draws were dominated by rollovers. That means there’ll be some fantastic jackpots to be won in the midweek draws, especially in Italy. A new global Lottery has also been announced today, find more details at the end of the article.

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rises to €129.2m

No talk about fantastic jackpots is complete without mentioning the SuperEnalotto draw. Saturday saw players hoping to win €128m but with no success. The numbers drawn were: 01-10-20-28-47-55 and the Jolly 06. Tomorrow sees the jackpot rise to €129.2m.

Super 6 and Joker Jackpots Won

Saturdays Super 6 draw produced two winners of the €100,000 jackpot. Further success came on Sunday with three tickets each winning €431,758 after winning the Joker top prize.The Bonoloto draw on Saturday saw one ticket win the runners-up prize of €177.567. That was the only big success in the weekend’s main Spanish draws. The La Primitiva jackpot wasn’t won and will be €6.5m on Thursday. No success in Sunday’s El Gordo draw either and that jackpot rises to €6.6m on Sunday.

$88m Mega Millions Jackpot Tomorrow

Hopefully one of the fantastic jackpots won in the midweek draws will be in the USA. There was no winner of Friday’s $75m Mega Millions top prize with the elusive numbers being 05-14-15-62-66 and the Mega Ball 03. That takes the jackpot to $88m for Tuesday’s draw.Saturday’s Powerball jackpot returned to $40m after Wednesday’s $768.4m success. No repeat win as tickets were unable to get 21-52-54-64-68 and the Powerball 04. The jackpot rises to $54m for Wednesday’s draw.

£50m EuroMillions Jackpot Tomorrow

Friday’s EuroMillions draw had a £43m jackpot but the draw ended in a rollover. The unmatchable numbers were: 13-23-26-32-47 and the two Lucky Stars 06 and 10. Three tickets won the second-tier prize, two sold in the UK receive £253,489 and one purchased in Portugal won €379,140. Let’s hope one of the fantastic jackpots won happens tomorrow when there’s a £50m EuroMillions top prize.

Rollover in EuroJackpot Draw

The top prize in Friday’s EuroJackpot draw was €19m top prize but there was no jackpot winner. The elusive numbers were: 04-09-15-24-42 and the EuroNumbers 08 and 09. Four tickets each won €830,333 with six more receiving €100,996. On Friday, players will be chasing a €29m jackpot.

£8.9m UK Lotto Jackpot on Wednesday

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw had a £7.6m top prize but tickets couldn’t match 03-27-35-45-54-55 and the Bonus Ball 24. On Wednesday, there’s an £8.9m jackpot.

New Lottery is Out of This World

Lastly, for April 1, we have exclusive details of a new lottery that's about to be launched. The Fast Operational Orbit Lottery draw, or FOOL for short, offers players a truly unique prize. They’ll receive training that will allow them to go into outer space on the first manned mission to the sun. Organisers are expecting a very warm response to this new draw. More details when we get them.

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