Work as Usual for $150 million Australian Powerball Winner

Work as Usual for $150 million Australian Powerball Winner

Work as Usual for $150 million Australian Powerball Winner

A middle-aged man from Adelaide in South Australia still went to work even after discovering he’d won Thursday's $150 million Australian Powerball jackpot. It’s the largest single win ever in Australian lottery history.

It’s believed that nearly half the adults in Australia purchased tickets for the draw. At 6.19pm, just over an hour before the draw took place, 9,173 tickets were bought in just one minute.

The lucky Australian Powerball winner had bought two tickets for the May 23 draw. Neither were registered so when he won the top prize, lottery officials had no idea who the jackpot winner was. Like the rest of the nation, they had to wait for the winner to come forward.

That didn’t take too long to happen. The winner has now claimed his winnings and spoken about his fantastic win..

It was late in the evening when he checked his two tickets. The first won nothing at all but then came the shock of his life. His second ticket had matched 04-06-08-18-28-28-34 and the Powerball 11 and it had won $150 million.


“I’ve never screamed so loud or jumped so high,” said the delighted winner. A sleepless night followed as he kept checking his winning Australian Powerball ticket. Was it a dream? He admits to having to keep pinching himself to confirm it wasn’t. Raymond Young from Scotland also  thought his £500,000 Thunderball win might have been a dream.

His winning Australian Powerball ticket had been purchased at  OTR Salisbury Drive Thru, where he’d gone to fill his car up with petrol. It was a random but very lucky choice.

“Particularly lucky day”

Here comes the understatement of the year so far. He said today: “Yesterday was a particularly lucky day.” Amazingly, the winner said he had gone to work the day after winning $150 million.

Plans for his windfall include buying a house and traveling around the world. He also wants to help family and friends. It’ll take a while for the win to sink in. He commented: “For now I can’t wrap my head around how big this prize is.”

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