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Farmers win the Australia Saturday Lotto instead of taking out loan
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A farming couple from Western Australia have won a huge $2 million Australia Saturday Lotto prize, just as they were about to secure a loan for $300,000.The husband and wife, who are from the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, were trying to secure the loan in order to continue to effectively support their family, but the big Australia Saturday Lotto prize came just in time, just like an Irish Lotto win did for a man from Dublin who had only 60 cents in the bank at the time of winning.The six winning numbers in the Australia Saturday Lotto held on January 21st were 43, 17, 37, 14, 41 and 30. Two lucky player could match the entire combination, so each took home a whopping $2,025,245.12.However, the couple did say that at first, they believed they’d read the winning numbers wrong after Saturday night’s draw, when they thought there was no way they could have won.“I thought my wife had buggered it up,” the husband told lottery officials, and the farmers decided to remain anonymous as they collected their prize. “It wasn’t until we got our grandson to double check the numbers on his computer that we realised we’d actually won,” the wife added when they spoke to Australia Lotto officials. Another family from Western Australia won $40 million on the Oz Lotto but vowed to continue working.The couple continued to tell lottery officials that they had a hard time during 2016, and they were looking for the loan in order to keep their farm going, but their luck changed at the last minute. “No one wants to admit things are tough,” the husband said, continuing to say that the farming community are some of the proudest people in Australia. “This money means we can cancel the loan and support the family farm ourselves,” he continued. Farmers aren’t exactly rare lottery winners, as a retired farm worker won $50 million on the Canadian Lotto Max recently, while a UK Lotto winner became a pig farmer after his big windfall.The couple purchased their winning Australia Saturday Lotto ticket from a newsXpress store in Armadale Central, a store that we are sure is now receiving a lot of attention from lottery players, just like a store in Workington, England, did after selling a £1 million UK Lotto winning ticket.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at