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Fascinating Facts About Lottery Winners
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Fascinating Facts About Lottery Winners

We all dream of getting a big lottery win. How would it change your life though? Here’s some fascinating facts about what happens to those lucky enough to scoop a fantastic jackpot.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. 44% of online lottery winners in the US have nothing to show for it within five years of their win. This is an avoidable situation though, so always get lots of help when that big win comes along. You might even get another win though. 68% of winners continue to play lotteries.

Carry on Working?

Winning a big lottery prize doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your working days. Nearly half of winners continue to work. Half become self-employed and 15% find a better job. That would certainly make you feel happier. Camelot say 55% of winners found they were happier after a lottery win. Being able to pay off debts and buy fantastic items helps. Over 80% decide to share their win with their family and friends.

One problem is that your big win might cause you to lose friends. 90% of winners have seen that happen. Perhaps their so-called friends got jealous or the winners moved away.

A new home

Moving to a new home is even more popular though with 75% of winners doing just that. If they don’t move, then they swiftly get the builders in and upgrade their properties. 24% decide to buy some property overseas.

One problem winners discover is that they put on weight. 32% say this has happened with more food eaten and less exercise. 12% end up using their winnings to buy a gym subscription.

How does a big win affect your children? They may well suddenly find some new toys in their cupboard. When it comes to education though, only 8% are transferred to private schools.

Would you change your looks if winning a big lottery prize? That’s what EuroMillions winner Jane Park has done. She’s in the minority though with only1% of winners using their wealth to get plastic surgery. However you spend your winnings, the general message is to be careful with how you use your windfall.

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