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Fast and furious way to win a £1m EuroMillions prize
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Friday the 13th wasn’t at all unlucky for Charley Horton from Ashford in Kent, England, because he won a £1m prize in that evening’s EuroMillions draw.The 22-year-old lucky railway worker was with his girlfriend Emma Fisher, 20, when buying the winning EuroMillions ticket. They had just had a meal and were on their way to the cinema. While there, Emma suggested they buy some EuroMillions tickets.The couple were watching the movie ‘Fast and Furious 8’ and Charley had a quick daydream about being a big EuroMillions winner and being able to buy lots of cars if winning the jackpot. That jackpot win didn’t materialize but the following morning he had an email telling him about a big EuroMillions win. "I looked at my email and it was just total disbelief, I genuinely saw all the noughts and thought it was a mistake. That’s what Mike Hanley from Michigan, USA, thought when he discovered his $100,000 Powerball win.Quickly he called Emma and asked her to check the email but was still couldn’t believe what was happening. The happy couple told their family and friends the news of their EuroMillions win. Then he carried on the day as normal, going to get a haircut before going to work in the evening.Since their big EuroMilllions win, Charley’s only purchase has been a McDonald’s meal. Julie Leach from Michigan, USA, was having a cheeseburger at McDonalds when finding out about her $310.5 million Powerball jackpot win. A couple from South Carolina, USA, celebrated with a McDonalds meal after winning $1m playing Powerball.The lucky winner has no intention of quitting his job despite becoming a EuroMillions millionaire. Cynthia Holman from Cornwall, England, kept her job in spite of a £169,826 EuroMillions win.Their spending will start soon and plans include buying their first house and without a mortgage. Emma celebrates her 21st birthday soon and the couple already have a holiday booked and now plan to hold those celebrations in New York where he has always wanted to go.Charley wants to pay off the loan on his current car but more footwear purchases are planned with the big EuroMillions winner saying, "I absolutely love shoes, especially trainers. Jane Lewis from England bought a pair of slippers the day after her £4.3m UK Lotto win.It’s the latest big win in Kent, we recently told you about Adam and Amy Pryor who also won a £1m EuroMillions prize.Get a chance of becoming next big winner and purchase your tickets online at