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Finnish ticket lands €90m EuroJackpot top prize
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The big win of the weekend came in the EuroJackpot draw. A ticket sold in Finland scooped the €90m top prize.Friday’s EuroMillions top prize was up to £114.5m but will be £121m on Tuesday after another rollover. Tickets were unable to match 22-31-36-38-44 and the two Lucky Stars 01 and 11. A ticket sold in the UK won a runners-up prize of £1,168,902.90.The big win came in the EuroJackpot draw, with one ticket sold in Finland winning the €90m top prize after matching 07-08-24-34-46 and the two EuroNumbers 04 and 08. There were eight second-tier winners receiving €3.520.586,10 and nine tickets won the third prize of €167.953,80. A player from the Czech Republic also won €90m in a EuroJackpot draw. Next Friday the jackpot returns to €10m.Friday also saw two tickets winning the Bonoloto jackpot, each winning €292,132.17 after matching 10-11-12-31-33-34. On Saturday, there was a second-tier win of €139,842.74In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday was $136m but no big winner. The numbers drawn were 28-34-41-46-47 and the Mega Ball 14. There were three second-tier winners with two winners from New Jersey and one in Connecticut. John Manganiotis from New Jersey also won $1m playing Mega Millions. On Tuesday there’s a $153m jackpot.The SuperEnalotto jackpot was €96.4m on Thursday but ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers on Thursday were 24-25-30-43-47-90 and the Jolly 77. Two days later players failed to match 07-31-35-57-88-89 and the Jolly 87 to land the €97.3m top prize. Tuesday will see a €98.5 jackpot.Saturday’s UK Lotto jackpot was up to £14.44m but will be £15.5m on Wednesday. No tickets could match 03-12-15-29-51-58 and the Bonus Ball 13. Last December, Arno Riselli landed a £24.43m UK Lotto jackpot.One ticket won a £500,000 jackpot after matching 05-09-18-20-38 and the Thunderball 14. Englishman Stuart Andrew Sussex also won £500,000 playing Thunderball.The Powerball jackpot on Saturday was $185.2m but ended in a rollover. Tickets couldn’t match 01-13-27-41-59 and the Powerball 30. There were three lottery millionaires created after matching the five main balls. Those tickets were sold in Texas, Florida and California. Vasiliy Sholokhov, from California, also won a $1m Powerball prize. There’s a $203m jackpot on Wednesday.The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw on Saturday saw one ticket match 17-20-27-35-41-45 and the Bonus 08 to win €7,366,167.80. There were also two second-tier winners, each receiving €862,836.70. On Wednesday, the jackpot will be €1m.More success followed with one ticket landing the €2,277,777 top prize in Saturday’s Spiel 77 draw after matching 5-9-2-7-0-5-5. Another lottery millionaire was created in the Lotto 6 aus 45 draw with one ticket winning a €1,711,967.80 jackpot after matching 03-12-30-34-37-40.Sunday’s Joker draw also produced a jackpot winner. One ticket matched 8-7-8-4-8-9 to win €230,469.50. There was also a second-tier win of €172,227.27 in the Spanish El Gordo draw.Try your luck in the next draws and play online with us at