Foreign Holidays at Last for £800,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Foreign Holidays at Last for £800,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Foreign Holidays at Last for £800,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Tony Labruna from Bedminster in Bristol, England is celebrating an £800,000 Postcode Lottery win. He plans to go travelling abroad, once he buys his very first passport.

The 65-year-old said his Postcode Lottery win is “mind-blowing.”  His only previous holiday had been to the south coast of England resort Weymouth. Now he plans to buy a passport and travel further afield.

Take it easy

The retired bus mechanic plans on going to either Spain or France. He doesn’t just want to “take it easy” but also “see the different cultures for two weeks.”

He’s not had an easy time for the past decade after suffering a heart attack. The Postcode Lottery winner admits he’s “lucky to be alive” after all that's happened. Brenda from Chorley had also been unwell and then  won a £400,000 Postcode Lottery prize.

When finding out about his win he wasn’t sure whether to “cry, scream or jump up and down.” His win would have been £400,000 but he had two tickets.

Off to Devon

Also celebrating is his neighbour Celestina Joseph after her £400,000 win. The 62-year-old now wants to buy a new home thanks to her Postcode Lottery win.

That’ll be shared with her younger sister Catherine and 27-year-old nephew Jack. A trip to the Maldives is also being planned. For a “once-in-a-lifetime experience,” the Postcode Lottery winner will be able to fly business class.

Karen McGlone also won £400,000 in the Postcode Lottery draw. The 52-year-old works as a civil servant and loves going on holiday to Devon. Each holiday sees her wishing she could win the lottery and be able to afford a house there.

The mother-of-four plans on buying a holiday home first. Then when retirement comes along, a permanent property can be purchased. “It’s just so much slower, and quieter and warmer,” said the winner about her favourite county.

Before all that takes place, a big celebration was going to take place. “We’ve got a bottle of Moët in the fridge," she said. Not for long it seems.

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