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Forgotten Powerball ticket wins $1 million
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Forgotten Powerball ticket wins $1 million

A forgotten Powerball lottery ticket has won a Michigan man a huge $1 million which will set him up for his retirement.Peter DeLuca from Sterling Heights in Michigan bought his Powerball ticket from a local grocery store in October. He put the ticket away in his car and promptly forgot all about it. Two months later, the forgotten Powerball ticket was uncovered, and Mr DeLuca took it to his local convenience store to see if he’d won anything.

A shocking discovery

“When the clerk scanned it, she told me it was more than she could cash, so she printed off the numbers from the drawing, so I could check the ticket and see how much I’d won.” The lucky Powerball winner said that as the numbers were read to him, he was astounded to see all the same digits printed on his ticket.The forgotten Powerball ticket matched all the five main numbers in the October draw, winning the $1 million second tier prize. The lucky Michigan winner said that he usually buys a ticket for the multi-state lottery when the jackpot is high, but he had completely forgotten about the ticket he’d purchased in October.

Saving for the future

“Winning really hasn’t fully hit home yet, but it does give me some peace of mind to know that I will have this for a more comfortable retirement when I decide to slow down,” the Powerball winner said as he collected his $1 million winnings from Michigan Lottery headquarters last week.

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