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Gift from employees wins Connecticut boss $1 million on the CT Super Draw game
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A man from Connecticut, USA, who received a ticket for the CT Super Draw Lottery from an employee has won $1 million as a result.David Sanchez, from Bridgeport, told Lottery officials that the ticket was a holiday gift for the drawing on January 1st, 2018. The lottery winner said that he found out his CT Super Draw ticket was a winner two days after the draw. “We found out the ticket was a winner on January 3rd, and had kept it on our fridge,” Mr Sanchez told lottery officials. “It took us a couple minutes to check it out!” An Ohio man described his Powerball win as a gift when he won $50,000 not long after his birthday.Mr Sanchez said he and his wife weren’t sure that they’d read the Super Draw ticket correctly, so they called their son and asked him to triple check it for them. “We woke up our son to come check the ticket,” the lottery winner explained, saying that he shouted to him that they thought they’d won the million-dollar drawing, but that they couldn’t be sure. Recently a Connecticut lottery player won two Keno prizes in the same year, while another Connecticut couple were able to start planning their wedding after winning $50,000 on the Powerball.Now that they’re sure about the win, and that the $1 million CT Super Draw winnings are in the bank, Mr Sanchez said that their windfall has come at a fantastic time. “My truck died last week, I mean it can still drive in reverse,” the lottery winner laughed, adding that he doesn’t plan on spending the money all at once. “We’re just going to pay off some bills.” A recent Tennessee Mega Millions winner planned to buy a new truck with his winnings.However, the couple do plan to celebrate a little, with Mr Sanchez saying that the CT Super Draw winnings will certainly go to something a little luxurious. “I’ll get a pizza with everything on it! Extra toppings!” he said. Pizza was the winning element for a Powerball winner in Louisiana after buying a slice and a ticket at the same time.The winnings CT Super Draw ticket was sold at Snaxx Plus on Ferry Boulevard in Stratford.A big win could happen anytime, so just purchase your tickets online at