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Guelph colleagues win $1 million on Canadian Lotto 649 after a decade of playing
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Colleagues from the Guelph area of Ontario in Canada have won a huge $1 million prize on the Lotto 649 game, after a decade of playing as a group.David Richard and Lajos Soljmosi collected their Lotto 649 prize from the OLG prize centre in Toronto this week, after their ticket won the big prize on January 18th. The pair told lottery officials that they have won small amounts in the past, and some free plays from future drawings, but they’ve never won anything close to a million dollars. A workplace syndicate from the UK recently split £1 million on the UK Lotto and declared it a ‘wonderful experience.’Mr Richard, who is in charge of looking after the tickets, said that he was at the gas station the day following the draw and decided to get their tickets checked on the self-checking machine. “I had no idea when I stepped into the store that I was carrying a $1 million winning ticket,” he said. “I saw the words, ‘Big Winner - $1 Million’ flash on the screen. I thought there had to be something wrong with the machine.” The winners come from just outside the Greater Toronto Area, where a lottery player won $60 million on the Canadian Lotto Max just under a year ago, and the largest ever Lotto 649 jackpot was won at the end of 2015.He promptly forgot about the other tickets that he’d planned to check, and asked the store clerk to check and validate the one he was holding. “This one was all that mattered. After the retailer scanned the ticket, the machine froze and OLG called to speak with me.”Mr Richard then called his colleague to break the good news about the win with him, and his friend told lottery officials that he was very excited to hear about their Lotto 649 success. “Next month I will retire and this win will be wonderful to add to my future plans and savings,” said Mr Soljmosi. Similarly, another Lotto 649 winner recently decided to take early retirement after his $20 million jackpot.Mr Richard has other plans, and he hopes to be able to start his own business, incorporating his love of motorcycles in his career. A New York CASH4LIFE lottery winner planned to use her jackpot to start a yoghurt business. “Winning the lottery is absolutely awesome!” the Guelph winner said.Refresh your wish list and purchase your tickets online at