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Hot Lotto winners declare they haven’t changed eight years on
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Eight years after Hot Lotto win and Delaware winners haven’t changed

They won $10 million on the Delaware Hot Lotto jackpot eight years ago, but the winners say that their good fortune hasn’t changed them.

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Robert Crowther won his Delaware Hot Lotto jackpot in August 2009. This came not long after he had retired from his job at a car manufacturer in Newark, Delaware. At the time Mr Crowther chose to take home the $10.7 million jackpot as a one-time lump sum. He recently revealed that he and his wife Rose have been having a “marvellous” life ever since.

Home improvement

The couple traded in their mobile home for a four-bedroom house but the couple from Pennsylvania haven’t changed much. “We pretty much do what we want when we want,” Mr Crowther said, “But really, I’m still the same old Bob I’ve always been.”

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Mrs Crowther insisted that she is also the same that she’s always been. Although she does not have her own swimming pool yet, something she’s always wanted. She told lottery officials that she is in love with the 5,200 square foot home that they purchased. She also never wants to move again.

Keeping it in the family

The Hot Lotto winnings paid off their daughter’s mortgage and remodelled her house.  They were also able to buy a house and car for their grandchildren. The couple said that they have travelled a lot since winning including Universal Studios and Disney World with their great-grandchildren. Jamaica and the Bahamas have also been popular holiday destinations for the couple. Before the Hot Lotto win, the couple were big lottery players and played in three different states regularly. Now, despite being millionaires, they still buy lottery tickets. “My wife still plays,” Bob exclaimed. “She plays them all, every day. We’ve had small wins since then but nothing big.”

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