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How Australian Lottery Players Spend Their Winnings
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How Australian Lottery Players Spend Their Winnings

Just how do you spend a big lottery win? There are many ways of course but it was more difficult last year when the world faced lockdown. A report by The Lott has shown how Australian winners coped with the situation.

2020 was a bumper year for Australian lottery players. 484 division one winning tickets were sold with over $1.24 billion paid out in winnings. Usually, lottery winners go on expensive holidays, but those plans have had to be put on hold. 

Safeguarding your future

A lottery win shouldn’t just see you splash out on luxury items, it can safeguard your future and pay off your debts. 59% of respondents decided to make investments for the future. Just 2% less than that figure went out and either paid off their mortgage or bought a new house.

52% of respondents decided to use some of their winnings to help their family and friends. One lottery winner said that they had helped nearly 150 people with their winnings. 27% of those who took part in the survey said they’d helped at least ten people.

Paying a pizza bill

There were many ways in which the lottery winners helped others. This includes anonymously paying for other shoppers’ groceries. Some paid pizza shop and bakery bills, while placing gift cards through their neighbour’s letterboxes was also carried out.The desire to help others continued with 27.63% making donations to their favourite charities.

Winning a multi-millionaire dollar prize really changes everything. Many of the lottery winners either reduced their working hours or took early retirement.

A trip to Alaska?

Being able to travel abroad has been out of the question for Australians. However, the dreams of foreign holidays when possible is still there. The most popular destinations for when restrictions are lifted was Europe. Trips to France and Italy are the most popular ones. Other destinations include Canada, Hawaii and even Alaska.

There have been plenty of treats though. These have included installing solar panels or swimming pools. One winner bought the R.M. Williams’ boots they’d always wanted.

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