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How to Cope with Lottery Success
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How to Cope with Lottery Success

It’s great to win the lottery, particularly a life-changing experience. Learning how to cope with the windfall is the next task and it’s not always an easy one.

Keeping your ticket safe is so important. It’s best to sign the ticket with your name and address.  This will help just in case someone steals it and tries to claim your winnings.  Not telling many people about your win until the winnings are in your bank account is also advisable.

Go public or stay anonymous?

Do you stay anonymous or go public about your win? It’s a big decision to take and in some US states it’s not possible to stay anonymous but that’s a rare situation. Sit down and think how going public will affect your future life.

With some lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions, there are two ways to accept your winnings. Either as a one-off cash payment or an annuity paid over 29 years. Think long and hard about which you want to choose.

If you do go public, then there’s the likelihood of begging letters being received. Even if going public, it’s best not to reveal your exact address. That way they can’t be received.

Don’t lose your win

Don’t miss out on the expiry date. Check your lottery ticket to see how long you have to claim your fantastic win. Some players do let their tickets expire and lose their winnings, don’t join that club.

Deciding just what to do with your lottery winnings is a difficult decision. It’s always a good idea to get advice from the lottery company or financial experts on how best to use your newly acquired wealth.

You will be keen to use your lottery winnings to help family and friends. Find out the best way to help them and try to make equal payments to avoid possible resentment.

Lottery wins can change your life forever. Don’t let the cash change your personality though. Just be grateful all those money pressures are a thing of the past and enjoy your winnings.

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