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Irish EuroMillions winner kept ticket in his sights while snow cleared
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A EuroMillions winner from Munster in Ireland has told lottery officials that he had to wait a week to claim his €500,000 prize because of the snow, but he didn’t let the ticket out of his sight.The father of three, who didn’t reveal his full identity on claiming his EuroMillions Plus prize, won the €500,000 on February 23rd, but because of arctic conditions last week, he wasn’t able to get to the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. “I kept the ticket in my work jacket during the day and put it in the bedside locker every night. It wasn’t out of my sight for a minute!” the lucky lottery winner said. A recent Mega Millions winner from Virginia in the USA also waited to claim her prize, but this time for 6 months!Because he couldn’t claim it right away, the winner said that he wanted to keep the news within his immediate family, and so when he found out, he had to wait for a visiting neighbour to leave before breaking the news. “On the day after the draw my daughter printed out the winning EuroMillions numbers. I was about to check them when a neighbour dropped into the house,” the winner said.So desperate to check in private, the winner said that he locked himself into the bathroom and was in complete disbelief when he found out. “I was determined that nobody outside the family knows about the win, so I couldn’t wait for the neighbour to leave so I could let out a big cheer and celebrate with my wife!” Another Irish EuroMillions winner said that she wanted to keep her €500,000 win a big secret, while a California Lottery winner said he was keeping his $1 million win a secret from his wife while she was away on holiday.It’s not known if the EuroMillions winner plans to reveal his fortune to his neighbour now that the prize is claimed, but he said that his biggest priority is to help his three children to get onto the property ladder. A UK Lotto winner from Chelmsford in England also planned to set her children and grandchildren up for the future after a £1 million win.The couple also plan to take a family holiday with their grown children for the first time in 20 years, just like a family from Doncaster in England who were off on their first ever family holiday thanks to a £100,000 scratch card win.To be able to fulfill some of your wishes, purchase your tickets online at