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Irish supermarket syndicate celebrate EuroMillions win
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A syndicate group from a supermarket in Swinford, Ireland, were celebrating a win on the EuroMillions this weekend, and the rest of the town were excited to share in their celebrations.The town of Swinford was alive with gossip during the weekend, as it was revealed that the syndicate of supermarket staff had found themselves with a winning ticket for the EuroMillions lottery. As word got around the town, locals were surprised to go into the supermarket and find the staff members in question working away as usual.The question on many people’s lips was: why are they still working when they have shared in what was assumed to be the £68 million jackpot? Ever since the draw on Friday evening, people in Ireland have been wondering and hopelessly hoping that they know the Irish EuroMillions winner in question, and shoppers in Swinford were delighted in thinking that their local staff had shared in the jackpot.Kennedy’s EuroSpar confirmed on its Facebook page that a syndicate of 15 members of its staff had won a prize in the EuroMillions draw on Friday evening, drawing even more locals into the store to find out why they were still working. The post captioned a picture of the winning ticket; saying “they want to keep things as normal as possible until the news really sinks in.”News spread around the county throughout the weekend, but it wasn’t until Sunday evening that a member of the syndicate group felt able to speak to the press about their win. The group did win a prize in the Friday evening lottery but it wasn’t the main prize that many had speculated it was.“We won alright – a tidy €5, which amounts to an amazing 33 cents each!” Despite the rumours surrounding the supermarket, they had actually only found themselves winner of one of the small consolation prizes, which they reinvested in the EuroMillions’ Tuesday night draw.Unfortunately, however, that gamble didn’t pay off, and store owner Derek Kennedy told the local press “easy come, easy go!” The store is going to be offering special deals throughout this coming Friday to celebrate their lottery ‘win’ last week in a new ‘Friday Fiver’ event.The estimated jackpot on Friday 26th September is £20 million: don’t miss your chance and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online now at