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Irishman wins €250,000 Irish Lotto Plus 2 prize just like his mother ten years ago
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A 23-year-old man from Wexford in Ireland has won €250,000 playing the Lotto Plus 2 draw. His family is getting used to big wins after his mother won the same amount in the same lottery ten years ago.The lucky Irish Lotto Plus 2 winner has asked to remain anonymous, just like the recent $10m Australian Powerball winner. His winning ticket was purchased from Wallace’s Costcutter in Wellingtonbridge in Wexford.He collected his Irish Lotto Plus 2 winnings from the National Lottery’s Dublin headquarters and was delighted with his big win. Not just because of the amount, but the amazing fact it’s the same prize his mother won, proving that lightning does strike twice.It does indeed! Eric Garrison from Kentucky, USA, won a $50,000 Powerball prize using the same numbers that previously won his wife $2.6m. In North Carolina, USA, Kimberley Morris ad two big wins on the same day including winning $1m on a $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler scratch card.The delighted Irish Lotto Plus 2 winner added that he would use his €250,000 winnings to fund his future and stressed he wouldn’t go out and spend his winnings right away, apart from a bit of shopping in Dublin.He told how when his mother had her Irish Lotto Plus 2 win, she had a house and an established family but it’s all different for him. He’s engaged but the couple don’t have a wedding date set. He joked, “I think this will hurry things along!” They won’t do anything in a hurry though and will be looking to get some good financial advice in the coming weeks.They do plan on using their winnings for a deposit on a house and to make some investments. It’s the latest big win in Ireland. Recently a family from Dublin won a €5.4 million Irish Lotto jackpot. Footballer Kevin O’Connor ended last year with a €1m Irish Lotto win.The Irish Lotto Plus 2 winner admitted that he was shocked when discovering his win. He said: “I always check my tickets afterwards on the National Lottery App. I couldn’t believe it when I got a message saying to contact the National Lottery for some good news. I then cross-checked the numbers on the website. My fiancé’s mother trebled checked the ticket for me as I still didn’t think it could be true.”Trust your lucky star and purchase your tickets online at