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Just a Normal Day Says $70 million Lotto Max Winner
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Just a Normal Day Says $70 million Lotto Max Winner

“It’s a normal day like any other. No stress.” That’s how Marcel Lussier from Quebec in Canada described receiving his $70 million Lotto Max jackpot winnings.

The June 7 Lotto Max winner is a retired Hydro-Quebec engineer and now he can live the rest of life with no money worries. His ticket was the only one that was able to match 06-13-17-20-28-36-44.

Marcel told how he used to spend the night before a Lotto Max draw dreaming of how he’d spend a big win. Now those dreams have become reality, but it took him a while to find out he’d won the jackpot.

He had problems accessing his account but thenfinally saw the results. His ticket was the only jackpot winner. He quickly shouted to his wife, “Did you know I just won $70 million?”

She did now and the next task was to ensure their Lotto Max ticket remained safe. He as concerned he might forget where the ticket had been hidden.

Familiar surroundings

That wasn’t the case and two days later his win was claimed. He had to go to the Lotto HQ in Quebec to do so. He knew exactly where to go as he used to work elsewhere in the building. The Lotto Max jackpot winner says he is relaxed by nature. He did admit though that he’s still coming to terms with his lottery success.

As well as his jackpot win, he also won another $27,052 in secondary prizes. The lucky winner says he now has “71 million plans for the future.” Plans for his windfall include going travelling with his wife.

That will probably include a cruise as a previously planned one was cancelled due to the pandemic. Marc also wants to spend more time researching historical figures.

Helping Ukraine

He also wants to help the people of Ukraine. The plan is to help rebuild parts of the country, perhaps with the donation of prefabricated houses. Another project he has is to help open a new centre for autistic adults in Quebec.

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