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Just who won the €677,949.79 SuperEnalotto prize?
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Players in Italy are continuing to chase the SuperEnalotto jackpot. On Saturday there was another rollover with no tickets able to win the €84.6m top prize. There was good news for one ticket though as it won the second-tier prize of €678k and now the province of Ravenna is wondering just who has had that handsome win.It appears that the Tabaccheria del Corso in the town of Russi is a lucky place for lottery players, a lot luckier than the cursed town of Colobraro. Just before Christmas a €100,000 winning scratch card was sold there but now it’s sold a much larger winner with the second-tier SuperEnalotto prize. Some places can prove lucky to buy tickets. Bar Gerace in Montepaone, a small town in the region of Calabria, sold two SuperEnalotto tickets worth over a million euros.The owner of the tobacconist in Russi is Marco Zardi and he was overjoyed when on Saturday evening he received a phone call from Sisal, who run SuperEnalotto, informing him that he’d sold the 678 thousand euros winning ticket.Zardi has no idea who the lucky SuperEnalotto winner is and says that if the player doesn’t come to tell him, then he may never know who he sold the ticket to. Marco says that he’s happy for whoever the SuperEnalotto winner is but admits it’d make him happy if he knew just who he’d sold the ticket too.The news of the big SuperEnalotto win has spread around the area with people asking others ‘Are you the lucky winner of 678 thousand euros?". But so far, the lucky SuperEnalotto winner hasn’t come forward. There have been some big SuperEnlotto jackpots in the past. Two years ago, a ticket sold in Calabria in the south of Italy, won a €163.5m SuperEnalotto jackpot.The shop owner told reporters that most of his customers are from the town of Russi, therefore it could be that the SuperEnalotto winner is a local person, although he also has customers that are just passing by. The SuperEnalotto win may be good news for his business but unlike in some other countries, the tobacconists won’t receive any commission for selling the second-tier winning SuperEnalotto ticket. It’s different in the USA where the Marietta Liquor & Deli in California received a $1m bonus for selling a $447.8m winning Powerball ticket.Saturday’s winning numbers in the SuperEnalotto draw were 02-10-41-49-56-71 and the Jolly 36. On Tuesday, the jackpot is up to €85.4m. Hopefully we’ll get a big windfall like last year’s €93.72m SuperEnalotto jackpot win.Don't miss the opportunity to become next big winner and purchase your tickets online at