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Largest ever Canadian Lotto 649 prize goes to Ontario ticket holder
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A record breaking Canadian Lotto 649 draw was held this weekend, as a $64 million jackpot was on offer in the nationwide game breaking the previous record of $63 million.And that record breaking prize was won by one single ticket in the Mississauga area of Ontario, just outside of Toronto. An outlet in the city sold the ticket that matched all six of the winning numbers 4, 5, 6, 22, 29 and 30 to take home the entire jackpot, making history just like a previous Lotto 649 winner who also survived being struck by lightning before his big win.As yet, it remains unclear whether the ticket holder is a single player or a syndicate, but whether it’s a larger group that will have to split the winnings or not, the largest ever Canadian lottery jackpot will certainly go a long way. There were also several consolation prizes paid out on Saturday night including one winner of $1 million in the province of Quebec thanks to the Lotto 649 guaranteed prize draw. The lucky number was 72627191-01. Last week three residents of the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia also won $1m on the same draw.On Saturday night, corner stores and lottery kiosks were teeming with customers hoping to get their hands on a slice of the jackpot, and there were more than 3 million winners at other prize levels ranging from a free play for matching two out of the six main numbers, to $116,915.80 for matching five out of the six numbers plus the Bonus Ball, which was 20. The next Lotto 649 draw will be worth $5 million on Wednesday, October 21st.The last record-breaking Canadian lottery jackpot was set in April 2013, when four ticket holders split $63.4 million between them, each taking home around $16 million. That means that if the Mississauga Lotto 649 ticket holder is a single player, then they will top the Canadian lottery rich list, having won the highest single prize of any lottery player in Canadian history and adding to a year of records as a lottery player in the Czech Republic won the largest ever EuroJackpot prize in the spring.The historic Lotto 649 jackpot win will leave the ticket holder scratching their head about how to spend the money, although they could always follow in the footsteps of Canadian Lotto Max winner Tom Crist, who chose to give his entire $40 million jackpot to charity.Whichever plans you have for your lottery windfall, take the first step and purchase your lottery tickets online at