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Largest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday
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Largest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday

Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw is a truly historic one. The jackpot cap has again been reached, so the top prize is an astonishing €210 million (£180 million). It’s the largest ever EuroMillions jackpot and the highest ever in a European lottery.

Friday’s EuroMillions draw ended in another rollover. No tickets were able to match 04-12-25-46-48 and the two Lucky Stars 07 and 12. Perhaps those two high main numbers caused the rollover. Not great news at all for those using birthdays and anniversaries.

Record Jackpot

The rollover took us to the jackpot cap, so this is the highest the top prize can be until it’s won. The good news is that if there is another rollover on Tuesday, the highest tier that does have a wining ticket will be increased. A massive prize could be won even if you don’t get the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars.

The previous highest EuroMillions jackpot was the €200 million that was won last December. A ticket sold in France won that amazing prize. Don’t forget to buy your tickets from Lottery24. Who knows you could become a multi-millionaire tomorrow?

Records are of course made to be broken. This €210 million record may not last too long due to the new rules of this lottery. Once this great amount has been won, the jackpot cap will rise again, going up to €220 million.

What If it keeps rolling over?

We’re not in a situation where the draw can just keep on rolling over. This fantastic €210 million EuroMillions jackpot has just four more draws at that level. If we still don’t have a winner, then the fifth draw (due on 9 March) would be a must-be-won event.

If no one gets the jackpot winning numbers, the entire €210 million rolls down to the next tier. Just imagine only getting five main numbers and one Lucky Star and becoming a multi-millionaire.

You just can’t miss this fantastic EuroMillions draw. Don’t delay buying a ticket from Lottery24. That could just make you a record breaker with a whole new life ahead of you.

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