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Legal Dispute over $63m Australian Powerball Win
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Legal Dispute over $63m Australian Powerball Win

A row has broken out over a $63 million Australian Powerball win in February. Mark Ing is claiming he should receive a $260,000 share of the winnings but the syndicate organizers disagree.

The winning syndicate comes from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and called ‘Pay off your mortgage.’ One of the winners was Kira who really had a lucky time in February. She is in another Australian Powerball syndicate and won another $2,000.

Another syndicate member is Nardia who had a double celebration that day. She was busy celebrating her granddaughters first birthday when finding out about the win. Nardia didn’t mind that so many players shared the Australian Powerball win. Her view was it “brings joy to everybody” and there will be “so many feelgood stories.”

Not this Syndicate

The owners of the syndicate are Tania and Kevin Parkes but now they face an August court hearing. They run several syndicates for various Australian lotteries and never guessed that might cause problems in the future.

All the celebrations of the win took place but then it turned a little bit sour. Mr Ing claimed that he was due a share of the winnings, but the Parkes claim this is not the case at all. The Parkes allege that Mr Ing was a member of the #1 Syndicate not the winning #2 one. They asked him to tell Lotterywest this information, but he refused to speak with them.

Payment blocked

The dispute took a major step forward on April 14. Lotterywest officials told the syndicate owners that they intended to pay Mr Ing a share of the Australian Powerball winnings. However, he is yet to receive any cash because the Supreme Court has blocked any payment to him.Now the dispute will remain unsettled until a court hearing on August 2.

The other half of the Australian Powerball jackpot was won by a middle-aged man from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. He’s planning to buy a new house, a red sports car, help members of his family and go on holidays.

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