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Lottery fraudster strikes again to scam innocent victims
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Lottery fraudster strikes again to scam innocent victims

A lottery fraudster has conned innocent victims out of hundreds of pounds. On two separate occasions he promised members of the public a cut of his jackpot winnings.In reality, the lottery fraudster hadn’t won anything. The first time, he told his victim, a shop worker, that he needed £5,000 to fund medical care for his mother.

A mystery multi-millionaire hadn’t claimed the jackpot

He said that he needed the loan to pay for open-heart surgery in Pakistan. In return, he offered the shopkeeper a £500,000 portion of his recent lottery winnings. He claimed that he was the recent winner of the £123m EuroMillions jackpot.At that point, the EuroMillions jackpot was still to be claimed. Once it had been, it soon became clear that the lottery fraudster had pocketed his “loan”.It was recently revealed that the man stooped even lower with his lottery scam. He told another innocent victim that his mother didn’t survive the operation, and that he needed £900 for her funeral.

Lottery fraudster claimed a bogus £1 million lottery win

In return, he offered the Birmingham city centre worker a £200,000 slice of a £1 million lottery win. The innocent victim says she’s embarrassed now that she knows there was no lottery win.“It’s the hope that really got me,” the woman said. She explained that the stranger told her that her life could change forever and encouraged her to quit her job. “If I’d listened to him, I could be homeless now.”Read more: New book reveals a lottery scam that could have rigged PowerballConvincing her to help him travel to Watford to claim the winnings, the stranger showed her a bogus winning lottery ticket. He even provided a fake phone-call with a “lottery official” to help persuade her.“Looking back, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the victim said. “My head was all over the place.”

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