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No weekend winners sees lottery jackpots going higher
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No weekend winners sees lottery jackpots going higher

This weekend saw some huge prizes up for grabs around the world but no lottery jackpots were paid out. That means there’s plenty of rollovers available this week to check out.

Huge jackpots on Friday night

On Friday the Mega Millions lottery was worth an estimated $190 million. Numbers 25, 28, 40, 43 and 63 plus the Mega Ball 19 came out of the ball machine, with all numbers required to win the top prize. Nobody took home that jackpot, but one ticket holder did match the first five numbers to win a $1 million prize. On Tuesday evening the Mega Millions lottery is now worth $200 million.

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Also, on Friday evening was the EuroMillions lottery which offered just over £43.3 million to players across Europe. Numbers 3, 10, 12, 23 and 36 plus Lucky Stars 1 and 12 were required to cash in the jackpot. Nobody managed that but there were nine lucky winners of the second-tier prize worth just under £80,000. The next drawing, due to take place on Tuesday, will be worth £51 million.

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On Saturday we saw the Powerball lottery offering a jackpot worth $183 million. The required numbers were 10, 11, 47, 55 and 58 plus Powerball 26, but again, nobody took the jackpot home. However, there was one lucky winner from Louisiana who matched the first five numbers to win a $1 million second tier prize. Wednesday night’s jackpot will now be worth $200 million.

More jackpots across Europe

Saturday night’s other big drawing was the UK Lotto, which has a jackpot value of just over £4 million for any player who could match numbers 5, 8, 9, 12, 31 and 49. There were no jackpot winners and the second-tier prize also went without a winner, but a massive 189 people took home the third prize worth £1,750. The jackpot on Wednesday is advertised at £5.3 million.Other Saturday night jackpots included the Irish Lotto, where the €5.7 million jackpot went without a winner and has rolled over to Wednesday with a value of €6.2 million. The Italian SuperEnalotto which was worth €71,098,660 but also rolls over to the next draw on Tuesday and now worth €72.1 million.

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