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Playing the same lottery numbers for 30 years pays off for Lotto winner
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Playing the same lottery numbers for 30 years pay off for Lotto winner

Playing the same lottery numbers for 30 years has finally paid off for a Canadian Lotto Max player.

Persistence pays off

The man from Alberta, Canada, claimed a $60m prize after his lottery numbers finally saw him win big.[caption id="attachment_16099" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Bon Truong lottery numbers winner Bon Truong collects his $60m jackpot (Image: CTV)[/caption]Bon Truong won his Lotto Max jackpot 10 months ago. He finally came forward to claim the prize this week, saying he’d been feeling overwhelmed ever since.The lucky winner has been playing with numbers 2 - 3 - 4 - 8 - 9 - 20 - 30 and the bonus number 45 for over 30 years. They are a combination of family birthdays and other important dates.

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Mr Truong’s lucky break came on October 25, 2018, and he discovered his fortune the following day. He told lottery officials that he had a big grin on his face when he found out he’d won.However, the lucky Lotto Max player decided to take some time before claiming his $60 million.He said he “felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of his win,” and he wanted to make sure he was adequately prepared.

A life-changing Lotto Max prize

“I started to think about what this win would mean for my family,” he explained. “I realised it’s going to change a lot of things and I wanted to make sure we were all ready.”Now, the Albertan has claimed one of the largest lotto jackpots in the province’s history. As he claimed the prize, he was grounded in his plans for the future.His first thought was, “I’m going to be able to pay off everything!”But as well as paying off bills, Mr Truong is going to buy a new family home and put the rest of the winnings away for his family’s future.

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