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Lottery changes could be coming for scratchcards in the UK
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Lottery changes could be coming for scratchcards in the UK

Lottery changes have been suggested for the purchase of scratchcards in the UK. The government is recommending raising the age limit from 16 to 18.Now, the minimum age to buy a lottery scratch card is 16. The government is suggesting that all gambling products should be restricted to those over 18.

A government consultation will make the decision

As reported by the BBC, A new consultation will soon take place considering the age limits for all National Lottery games in the UK. The consultation may raise the age limit for all ticket purchases, including scratchcards, UK Lotto and EuroMillions tickets.The change in age limit may be put into effect for only instant win style scratchcards and online games. The culture minister, Mims Davies, wants to bring all restrictions on gambling in line, including the lottery.

The lottery is the lowest risk

At age 18, people gain full citizenship rights and responsibilities, Ms Davies said. Playing the lottery has the lowest risk of harm of any form of mainstream gambling, but scratchcards have a slightly higher risk than draw based games.Some members of the government disagree with the consultation. They think that the changes should be brought in without a review.

Only adults should play the lottery

Labour politicians think that in order to participate in National Lottery games, players should all be adults. “The minimum age should be 18 – it’s as simple as that,” they said.The consultation could have three different outcomes. The government could choose to keep things as they are, leaving the minimum age at 16. All National Lottery games could see a raised age limit to 18, or this could be put into effect only for scratchcards.