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Lotto 649 winner heard about outstanding winner, but didn’t think it was her
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The winner of a Lotto 649 prize won in Saskatchewan, western Canada, has revealed that she heard about an outstanding winner locally, but never thought it could be her.Kendra Bates-Chomyn, from Swift Current in Saskatchewan, won her $1 million on the Lotto 649 back on May 16th, but it took her four months to claim the prize because she didn’t see the point in rushing. “I heard there was an outstanding million-dollar prize in Saskatchewan, but I didn’t think that my ticket would be the winner, so I didn’t rush to check it,” the lucky Lotto 649 winner said.A woman from North Carolina also assumed someone else was a local Powerball winner despite holding the $1 million ticket unchecked in her wallet, while a Michigan lottery winner recently left his ticket unchecked for two months but didn’t even think about checking it until his father came to visit.When she finally got around to checking her ticket, the lucky winner told Saskatchewan lottery officials that she couldn’t believe the number that was shown on the screen. Scanning her Lotto 649 ticket on a self-checking machine, she had to scan the ticket twice when she first saw the $1 million prize amount detailed, and even then, she still didn’t believe it, so she took it to a different store to check it again. Another Lotto 649 winner from Saskatchewan was shocked when she checked her winning ticket and saw a lot of zeroes on the ticket checker machine.Mr Bates-Chomyn told Lotto 649 officials that she is still surprised by the win and described it as “surreal.” The winner is still making her mind up about how to spend her $1 million windfall, but she plans to be sensible with it. A EuroMillions winner from Bristol in England also recently waited four months before claiming their £1 million prize, just when lottery officials were about to give up on them.“I feel like we have to be responsible and make sure we’re set up for the long term,” she told Lotto 649 officials in Saskatchewan. “We’ll still do some dreaming, but right now we’re more concerned with making the right decisions and planning for our family’s future.” Another Saskatchewan player was planning a trip to Las Vegas with her $1 million Lotto 649 winnings.Possible plans currently involve a trip to Europe and a replacement motorcycle for her partner.What would you do with a lottery windfall? Play online at to discover it.