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Lotto Max winner’s wife was woken up to hear they were millionaires
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A man from Saskatchewan in the west of Canada woke his wife up to tell her they had won $1 million on the Lotto Max, and she worried he would have a heart attack!Darcy Glover, from Dalmeny in the prairie province of Saskatchewan, won his $1 million on a Lotto Max ticket purchased for the drawing on July 13th. When he realised that his fateful ticket had won him the big $1 million prize, he couldn’t contain his excitement and simply had to wake his wife up.“I ran into our room and said, ‘Are you awake?! I think we just won a million dollars!’” the lottery winner told Lotto Max officials. “My wife sat up and said, ‘I’m awake now!’” A man from Tennessee who won $1 million on the Mega Millions had to wake his wife up to triple check when he saw he’d won, while a man from Maryland told his wife that he’d won $50,000 on the Bonus Match 5, and she had to wake him up when she got home to make sure it was true.The regular Lotto Max player told lottery officials that he often stays up late on draw nights to check his numbers before going to bed, sometimes turning into a ‘night owl’, going to bed much later than his family. The July 13th winning ticket was purchased at Dalmeny Gas Bar and Liquor Store on Highway 305, and Mr Glover’s lucky winning numbers were 19, 24, 32, 34, 40, 42 and 48.After realising that they were indeed millionaires, Mr Glover said that he spent the next few minutes “whooping and hollering,” at which point his wife was worried for his heart. “My wife kept telling me to calm down,” he said, adding that the couple plan to take a trip to Canada’s biggest landmark, Niagara Falls, to celebrate their big Lotto Max win. A man from Wales who won £500,000 on the Thunderball lottery also had his wife worried when he began shouting after realising he’d won the top prize.“We have a few ideas floating around,” Mr Glover said of his plans for the rest of the winnings. “We’ll pay some bills and help our kids out. That’s going to be our first move.” Recently a Lotto 649 winner from Saskatchewan planned to go to Las Vegas with her $1 million prize, while another local won $1 million on the Lotto 649 all thanks to his need for spices.You too could be the next big winner, so make sure to get your tickets online at!