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Lotto Results from all the weekend Lottery Draws
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Lotto Results from all the weekend Lottery Draws

The weekend lotto results saw some big jackpots won in the EuroJackpot and La Primitiva draws. Others ended in rollovers and there are some massive midweek jackpots to be won.

Two Tickets Share €90m EuroJackpot

The top prize in Friday’s EuroJackpot draw was €90m and was equally shared by two tickets that matched 05-07-15-19-29 and the two EuroNumbers 03 and 08. 11 other tickets won the second-tier prize of €994,790. The next draw will be on Friday, 17 May.

Double La Primitiva Win

One of the best lotto results of the weekend came in Saturday’s La Primitiva draw. A single ticket managed to land the top prize worth a total of €24.3m. After matching the six main numbers, their ticket also contained the Reintegro and took down the jackpot.

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The weekend began with jackpot success in Friday’s Bonoloto draw with one ticket holder winning the €981,440 jackpot.The El Gordo draw on Sunday ended with a rollover and next Sunday’s jackpot is now up to €7m.

Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $316m

Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot was $295m but there were no jackpot winners. Tickets failed to match 03-16-21-61-62 and the Mega Ball 19. One ticket sold in Georgia won $1m by matching the five main balls. Tomorrow night’s top prize is a massive $316m.Saturday’s Powerball jackpot was $232m but it proved impossible for any ticket to get 06-08-09-37-40 and the Powerball 26. Three tickets sold in South Carolina, Tennessee, Montana and Texas won $1 million for matching the five main numbers. Wednesday’s draw, therefore, has a $250m jackpot.

Giant SuperEnalotto Jackpot on Tuesday

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw had a massive €150.5m jackpot but the wait for a winner continues. Tickets were unable to match 09-20-47-58-65-78 and the Jolly 25. Tomorrow’s top prize is €151.7m jackpot which is the third highest in the history of the lottery.

Millionaire Created in UK Lotto Draw

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw had a £7.86m jackpot but failed to produce a winner. The numbers drawn were 13-14-19-45-49-55 and the Bonus Ball 24. One ticket won £1m by winning the runners-up prize. Wednesday’s draw will now have a £9.2m top prize.

£21m EuroMillions Jackpot Tomorrow Night

Friday’s EuroMillions draw had a £14m jackpot. It ended in a rollover as no tickets could match 01-04-27-45-48 and the two Lucky Stars 01 and 07. Two tickets matched all bar one Lucky Star, both winning €482,698. Tomorrow’s jackpot is £21m and could be won for the fourth Tuesday in a row.

Spiel 77 Jackpot Won

There were two jackpot winners in Saturday’s Spiel 77 draw. They will both receive €1,577,777. The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw didn’t produce a jackpot winner but two tickets both won the second-tier prize of €1.9m. Wednesday’s jackpot is up to €8m.There were a bumper seven jackpot winners in Saturday’s Super 6 draw, each winning €100,000.Sunday saw two tickets win the Lotto 6 aus 45 top prize with both receiving €500,000. There was more success in the Joker draw too with a couple of ticket holders both winning €200,260.

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