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Lotto Winner Homeless After Camelot withholds £4 million
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Lotto Winner Homeless After Camelot withholds £4 million

Mark Goodram from Bolton England, was busy celebrating thanks to a £4 million scratchcard win. Now the Lotto winner is homeless after being denied his winnings.[caption id="attachment_14069" align="aligncenter" width="615"]lotto winner homeless Mark Goodram believes he has won £4 million[/caption]However, Camelot has refused to pay out as they think he used a stolen debit card to purchase the ticket.

Easter Celebration Turns Sour

On Easter Monday, Mark and his friend Jon-Ross Watson ‘won’ their £4 million prize on a £10 scratchcard purchased from a Waitrose in Clapham, South London.However, their joy of becoming millionaires was a short-lived one as Camelot launched an investigation into their win and refused to pay them anything.That led to Mark declaring “We have a winning ticket, where’s our cash? We’ll go to the police to report Camelot. They’re being unscrupulous. I know my rights."

Whose Card Was It?

There have been claims that the winning scratchcard was purchased with a stolen debit card. Camelot says the scratchcard was purchased using a debit card, for which a bank account is required. The winning pair have said neither of them currently has a bank account.They claim that the scratchcard was purchased for them and denied a stolen bank card had been used. However, it’s been revealed that both the winners have previous convictions for offences that involved using other people’s bank cards.

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In response to the news, a disappointed Mark added “Camelot bosses are messing us around, probably because they know we’ve had a lively past and been in prison. Well, that’s too bad.”

Out on the Streets

Since purchasing the scratchcard the two friends went on a non-stop drinking spree. When Mark returned home though, the celebrations stopped as he was kicked out of his flat. This left the Lotto winner homeless.[caption id="attachment_14075" align="aligncenter" width="810"]lotto winner homeless streets Mark Goodram has been seen on the streets[/caption]Last Friday he was seen on the streets drinking extra-strong cider and eating a £1 pack of Swedish meatballs. Not quite the lifestyle he had imagined for himself the week before.A friend commented: “You hear about rags to riches, but he has gone from the champagne lifestyle, thinking he was a millionaire, to being on the street, drinking cheap cider and hanging with beggars.We'll update this story with more details as the truth is revealed.

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