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UK Lotto Winners Living in a Budget Hotel
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UK Lotto Winners Living in a Budget Hotel

Dennis and Shirley Banfield from Gloucestershire, England have had a fantastic 2018. In February, they were big Lotto winners with an £18m UK Lotto jackpot. Instead of moving into a huge mansion, they have spent a third of the year in a budget hotel.

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The couple have been married for 60 years and spent most of that time living in the same house. Even though they are now Lotto winners, Dennis, 87 and Shirley, 83 are staying put.They love their home so much that when becoming multi-millionaires, they decided to spend money renovating their beloved family home that was purchased in 1961. You might have expected they would move into luxury accommodation while their house was undergoing building work.

Home is where the heart is

Not this couple of multi-millionaires, because they decided to stay in a budget hotel nearby where rooms cost as little as £66 a night. They’ve been there for four months now  but are hoping that they will be back home for Christmas.The whole of the inside of their house has been completely renovated, hence the long wait to move back in. The three-bed property now has a value of £316,000.

Time for giving

Since becoming Lotto winners in February, the couple have made several charitable donations.  This includes to cancer units, a children’s hospital, a local chapel and a Winterbourne community association.They decided to share their UK Lotto jackpot with their two children, Tina, 55 and Karen, 52 who have both received £6m. Their loving mother commented: “They have both bought new houses with their share of the money. It means a lot to us to know they are looked after.” The multi-millionaire added that the win hasn’t changed them, “it’s only prompted us to better other people.”

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