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Luciano has his wife to thank for $23.6m Lotto Max win
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Luciano Polera from Ontario in Canada, is looking forward to retirement after he won $23.6m in the July 7 Lotto Max draw. But it’s a win that he owes to his loving wife.The 64-year-old has been playing lottery games for the past 40 years and now he’s finally had the big win he’s always dreamed of. It wasn’t until the Saturday morning that Luciano checked his Lotto Max ticket while having a cup of coffee. However, he believed that he was one number away from winning the Lotto Max jackpot having failed to match the number 33.“I only circled six numbers instead of seven. I told my wife we missed by one number,” said the Lotto Max winner. Then his wife, Cathy, looked at their ticket and realized that it matched all the numbers and was a $23.6m jackpot winner. In the USA, William Acosta from Connecticut thought his ticket had matched three numbers but had in fact won a $1m Powerball prize.His wife began to scream after finding out about their Lotto Max jackpot win but her husband remained calm. “I thought 'it’s about time'”, he said. It’s the latest big win in Ontario after Dan Beaulne won $1m playing Lotto Max. Also celebrating were Mike and Tricia Montminy after they scooped a $26m Lotto Max jackpot in February.He then took his ticket to a store to be validated. “The retailer was very excited. So were the customers around me,” said the Lotto Max jackpot winner. The winning numbers in the July 7 Lotto Max draw were: 04-08-13-16-26-33-38.Luciano says the win has come at the perfect time after a “challenging year of family health issues.” His financial worries are over and he plans to pay off his house and helping his two children. Also planned is taking his family on holiday to Fiji, something his wife has always dreamed about.The Lotto Max winner was due to be retiring from his job working in a warehouse in a month and a half’s time. Now he plans to resign this week, unlike Paul Hindo from Ontario who continued working despite a $22m Lotto 6/49 win. Not so Philip Dunning from England who quit his job hours after winning a £7m UK Lotto prize. Luciano also wants to buy his wife some presents such as a sports car, a luxury SUV, and a cottage by the water.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your lottery tickets online now at