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So who are the luckiest people in Europe?
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Since the EuroMillions lottery began in 2004, there have been some incredible jackpots, with many over €100 million, and the largest jackpot prize of €190 million (or £148,656,000) was won in the UK in 2012.Lottery players cannot help but get excited when there is a rollover jackpot equating to over £100 million, and in the UK we often hear about the lucky winners of those incredible jackpots, with a couple in 2011 who won £161 million, a winner in 2012 who netted a £148 million fortune and a lucky UK ticket holder in 2010 who took home a huge £113 million. Nobody really seems to pay attention when the jackpot is won abroad, and you’ll be surprised to read that the UK is only fourth in the leader board.The EuroMillions jackpot has been won 261 times across the 9 participating countries, with France coming in first with a huge 25.7% of the lottery winnings. Ticket holders in France have won the top prize in the EuroMillions draw 67 times, with Spain netting the fortune 54 times and Portugal 51. The UK has produced winning ticket holders 39 times, equating to only 14.9% of the total jackpot winners.It would seem that the French are the luckiest when it comes to the euro lottery, as they have also got the largest EuroMillions jackpot won outside of the UK, won in November 2012 by a single ticket holder who took home an impressive €169.8 million EuroMillions jackpot.The French don’t only have all of the luck in the winning, however, as the official French lottery organisation have devised a scheme to protect lottery winners in France, entitling any lottery winner who collects more than €500,000 to personalised financial counselling and planning, helping them to manage their new found wealth sensibly. We’ve all read the stories of huge lottery winnings changing people’s lives, and not everybody is prepared to handle huge fortunes, so France have definitely got it right by keeping their lucky citizens in good hands.Next lottery winner could be you, so don’t hesitate and purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at