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Lucky in love and the lottery on the same day
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A 24-year-old auto shop body work expert and his girlfriend from Batavia in New York City, USA, had a day he’ll never forget. Not only did he win the $1m top prize on the $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratch-off game but Marquele Tomlin and Amber Blackshear were lucky in love too.The lucky scratchcard winner has been playing lotteries for the past six years but never won more than $50. He continued playing though, dreaming of a big win one day. He had already had a bit of luck with a $20 win and decided to re-invest his winnings. In Massachusetts, USA, Jason Williams had two $1m scratchcard wins in three months.Marquele went to the local Rite Aid store to wire some money to his mother but ended up buying two $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratchcards. Welshman William Richards was only supposed to be buying mushy peas but ended up buying a £1m winning UK Lotto ticket.It was Tomlin and his girlfriend who checked the tickets at home and Amber’s had the big win. Their big win was confirmed when taking it back to the local store. Blackshear said. “I got all excited; maybe too excited because Marquele told me I had to calm down.”The couple have been together for eight years but had recently broken up for a little while. The day they had their big $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratchcard win was their first day back together and Amber believes fate had a hand in their lottery success.The couple have opted to receive their $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratchcard winnings as a one-time lump sum payment and will receive $268,720 each after taxes. Another New Yorker, Gabriel Rosado won $5m on a Set for Life scratchcard and shared his winnings with a friend. Maryland resident David White did the same after winning $50,000 playing Powerball.It’s the latest big win in the city after Jennifer Perez won a $1m Mega Millions prize. They plan on using their $1,000,000 Double Sided Dollars scratchcard windfall to invest in a house. The couple have two children and Amber says she’d like one with a pool. She added that the win was a dream come true and “Now we can do anything as individuals or as a family, it’s a feeling you can’t explain".When asked what it felt like to be a Lottery Millionaire Tomlin said simply, “Ahhhhhhhhh. We did it!”You too could become a big winner... take the first step and purchase your tickets online at