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Lucky numbers net the $1m Powerball Prize
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Lucky numbers net the $1m Powerball Prize

For the past five years, Benjamin Sinclair from North Carolina, USA, has been using the same lucky numbers. His patience has finally paid off after he won $1m in the Powerball draw.

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“They’re very special to me,” the Powerball winner said of the lucky numbers that finally lived up to their name. His winning ticket was purchased from the Sheetz on Fairlawn Drive in Winston-Salem.

Taking a chance

He’s not a regular Powerball player and only tries his luck when there’s a large jackpot. That was definitely the case on October 27 when there was a top prize of $687.8m. The numbers drawn were 08-12-13-19-27 and the Powerball was 04.The two ticket-holders that did win the top prize have now come forward. Lerynne West from Iowa, USA, eventually worked out where her $687.8m Powerball ticket was. The other winner of the massive Powerball jackpot was also revealed this week as Robert Bailey from Harlem in New York, USA, who came forward to claim his winnings.

Ticket Check

Sinclair wasn’t too confident of success saying, “I knew it was a long shot” but he still used those lucky numbers. It was the evening after the draw when he checked his ticket and saw that he had matched the five main balls. This entitled him to the runners-up prize of $1m.

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"I had to look at the numbers several times to make sure," Sinclair said. "It feels great to win." After he’s paid the required state and federal tax withholdings, the Powerball player will receive a total of $705,011.The jackpot for Wednesday, November 21 Powerball draw is $107 million or $61.1 million cash.

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