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Luxury Home and DIY for £105m EuroMillions Winner
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Luxury Home and DIY for £105m EuroMillions Winner

When a big lottery win comes along it’s common place to dream of buying a luxury home. Steve and Lenka Thompson from Selsey in West Sussex, England are no exception to the rule. The £105m EuroMillions winners have just moved into a £4.5m country estate.

It’s not in West Sussex though, he and his wife Lenka have moved along the south coast to Kent. Thomson won his EuroMillions jackpot in November 2019 and have remained in their £150,000 terrace house in Selsey.

The EuroMillions winner knows a bit about houses as he’s a self-employed conservatory fitter. The 43-year-old says that if there is any work needed on their new home, he’ll be the one doing it. He admits that there is “a lot of work that needs doing,” so he’s going to be rather busy, despite being a multi-millionaire.

A Dream Move

This is a dream move for the couple and their three children. They are bound to have a great time on the 14.5-acre plot situated in the beautiful Kent countryside.

They will be living in a 7,000 square feet farmhouse with plenty of amenities. There are two kitchens, five reception rooms and six bedrooms. They must be sports lovers as the property has a swimming pool, games room and tennis court.

There are two lakes, a pond, landscaped gardens, stables and even a ‘party barn.’ That’s the luxury that a EuroMillions win can bring you. It’s believed that the property has been bought from an IT tycoon. His neighbours are quite famous apparently and include Hollywood actors and rock stars. You don’t get that at a terraced house in West Selsey.

Steve may have won a £105m EuroMillions jackpot but it hasn’t all been about buying luxury items. He bought a second-hand VW van for himself and a Volvo XC90 for his wife.

Children Delighted

His children will be delighted at the move. Now they finally get their own bedrooms. “It’s a simple thing but it was all they ever wished for,” said the EuroMillions winner. Let’s hope there’s another big win tonight with the EuroMillions jackpot at £59m jackpot.Don’t forget to buy a EuroMillions ticket from Lottery24