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Madrid is the Spanish region that sells most Spanish Christmas lottery tickets
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We are once again edging closer to December 22 and the prestigious Spanish Christmas Lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) draw for this year with a huge amount of attractive prizes up for grabs.As on every Christmas, the draw of the Spanish Christmas Lottery moves millions of euros, and millions of people come to buy at least one share of a lottery ticket. In Spain a total of 14,505,609.1 lottery tickets are sold, worth €2,901,121,820.0. The Community of Madrid is the region in Spain which sells the most lottery tickets, which represents 16.68% of the total sold in the country.As already mentioned, the region of Madrid is the one that sells the most Spanish Christmas lottery tickets in Spain (2,420,210.1 décimos) which amounts to 16.68% of the sales of all the nation, which means an expense on lottery purchases of €484,042,020.0.The region of Barcelona, Cataluña is the region that follows the Spanish capital in the ranking of sales of décimos of the Spanish Christmas lottery. This region spends slightly less than Madrid, which means a total expense for lottery purchases of €433,427,400.0.Andalucia comes in third place, spending a total of €364,659,000.0 in purchasing Spanish Christmas Lottery shares of tickets, which means 12.56% of the total spent by the Country.The Valencia region also invests plenty of money in buying decimos for the “El Gordo de Navidad”. The 5 million residents of this community spend €355,851,000.0 on the Spanish Christmas lottery.One of the most interesting statistics we came across was that the region of Castilla y Leon, which in spite of being 4th in the rankings for the most money spent on shares of Spanish Christmas lottery tickets, they are the ones that spend the most per person at a figure of €90.84 euros per person.To get a chance of becoming a winner, purchase your Spanish Christmas lottery tickets online at