Magic Merlin Helping Daughter of £1m EuroMillions Winners

Magic Merlin Helping Daughter of £1m EuroMillions Winners

Magic Merlin Helping Daughter of £1m EuroMillions Winners

It was five years ago when Adam and Amy Pryor from Maidstone in Kent, England, won a £1 million EuroMillions prize. Since then, some of their winnings has been spent on buying Merlin, an assistance dog for their disabled daughter Charlotte.

Their daughter was born seven weeks early and that has caused many medical problems. That includes hearing difficulties and problems with her eyesight and mobility. Eight months after Charlotte was born, her parents won £1 million playing EuroMillions.

Amy, 32, and Adam, 38, were so grateful for their win as it has helped them look after their daughter and end their money worries. “The win took a lot of pressure off us and has enabled us to focus on what is most important, Charlotte,” said Amy.

That included buying a bigger home, one with a specialist sensory room for their daughter. Amy has bee able to give up work to spend more time looking after Charlotte.

Supporting Paws 

One major development was getting in touch with Supporting Paws. One of Charlotte’s support workers told them how the organisation trains assistance dogs for children that have specialist needs.

Life hasn’t been easy during the pandemic with Charlotte having to shield from Covid. However, she’s had plenty of company. “Merlin has brought a bit of magic to our lives and long may she continue to do so,” said her father.


Ongoing training

Training is ongoing for Merlin but he’s already helping Charlotte a great deal. He is being taught how to walk while attached to her wheelchair. That encourages her to go out for more walks. Community Access training means Merlin will be able to go with Charlotte to hospital appointments.

Merlin has also been trained to jump up. This allows her to engage with Charlotte, even if she’s in her wheelchair. A sensory coat is also being made for Merlin. This will help Charlotte’s physical development and motor skills. That’s because she will be encouraged to reach for items on his coat

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