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Manhattan nursing student wins $1 million Mega Millions prize
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A young woman from Manhattan in New York, USA, has won $1 million on the Mega Millions lottery despite confessing that she’s not a regular lottery player.Jennifer Perez, who is 26 years old and studying to be a nurse in Manhattan, won her $1 million prize in the Mega Millions drawing on March 2nd, and told lottery officials that she only bought the ticket because the jackpot for that particular drawing was high. “I’m not a big Lottery player,” the millionaire said. A couple from Ontario in Canada were shocked after one of their occasional Lotto Max ticket purchases made them $100,000 winners, while a Maryland winner admitted to not being a regular player after claiming his $20,000 scratch card prize.The Manhattanite bought a Quick Pick ticket for the drawing in March, but she was busy studying for exams and so she asked her mum to check it after the drawing took place. “When she called me to tell me I had won I thought something was wrong,” the Mega Millions winner said.But nothing was wrong, and her Mega Millions ticket had actually matched the winning numbers 24, 28, 42, 60 and 64, missing just the Mega Ball which was 8. Ms Perez chose to accept her lottery prize as a one-time lump sum payment, which will equal $633,040 after taxes are withdrawn. Another Manhattanite bagged $2,500 a week for life after winning on a scratch card bought at his favourite local store.“I’m nervous, I’ve never had this much money,” the Mega Millions winner told lottery officials when she was asked how it feels to have won the lottery. “I’m also happy because I don’t have to worry about paying for school.”A nursing student from Scotland won £1 million on a National Lottery Monopoly Millionaire ticket and was able to plan her dream wedding.The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from Last Stop Convenience store on Broadway in Manhattan, and Ms Perez became the 42nd New York Lottery player this year to claim a top prize worth $1 million of more. A Manhattan syndicate once won the Mega Millions jackpot to the tune of $58 million shared amongst 16 co-workers.You too could become a lucky winner , so purchase your tickets online at