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Maryland jeweller finds a gem of his own in Bonus Match 5 win
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A jeweller from Maryland in the USA has found his very own lucky charm as he won $50,002 on a Bonus Match 5 lottery ticket.Joey J, a jeweller from Hagerstown, told Maryland Lottery officials that he often asks his customers if they are feeling lucky, and if they say yes, he hands them a lottery scratch card. This time, however, it was his turn to answer that question and he did so with a resounding “yes!” as he won $50,002 on the Bonus Match 5 lottery.The 73-year-old told lottery officials that he plays a range of different lottery games within the state, including the Keno lottery, Multi-Match, scratch off lottery tickets and his lucky game, Bonus Match 5. The lucky winner has come close to big jackpot wins in the past, but until this windfall his highest prize was $1,750.Recently we told you about a big fan of the Maryland Lottery who won $700,000 on the Multi-Match game.Joey J purchased his winning Bonus Match 5 ticket from Central City Liquors in Hagerstown on May 22nd, and he said that he let the ticket machine choose the numbers for him. A couple from Maryland made a change in their number selection and ended up with a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize.The drawing was that evening, and the Maryland man thought nothing of it until he checked the numbers in the local newspaper a few days later. Earlier this year a Maryland restaurant manager won the $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize thanks to a ticket given to her by her husband.“Really?” the lucky lottery man said of his shocked reaction, as one of his lines of numbers had won the top $50,000 prize, and another a $2 addition. The lucky winner is keeping things as normal as possible, just like a Welsh EuroMillions winner who didn’t want to change much at all after a $1 million win.Despite being 73 years old and now having the money for a luxurious retirement, Joey J has no plans to quit his career of 42 years, and he said that most of his Bonus Match 5 prize will be going into the bank. It seems like Joey J should meet up with the wife of a UK Lotto winner who, unlike her husband who spends his money on cars, prefers shopping for jewellery. The store that sold the winning ticket received a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.You never know when fate will play its hand, so purchase your tickets online now at