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Maryland man collects fourth major scratch card win from lottery offices
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A man from New Market in Maryland has visited Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore for the fourth time to collect his latest major win on a lottery scratch card.The 59-year-old, who requested anonymity when he claimed his $1 million, has attended lottery headquarters three times before when he claimed other significant lottery prizes. In fact, the last time the Maryland Lottery winner was at headquarters in Baltimore, his final words to officials were: “I hope to be back here sometime soon!” Recently a Maryland lottery player realised his scratch card fortune during his lunch break.This particular win came from a Win Big scratch card which he purchased at High’s #83 store in New Market along with a bunch of other tickets. He got them all checked at the grocery store at a later date when he realised he had quite a few that he hadn’t checked yet. A Michigan Lottery winner waited a month to claim his prize, but not because he hadn’t checked it, because he was making a plan for his $2 million winnings.In fact, not only had he not checked them, but he hadn’t scratched them off, so when the ticket checking machine told him to visit lottery headquarters, the Maryland man decided to scratch off his Win Big scratch card to see what it was worth. “I scratched the ticket so see what I won and when I saw a zero and saw the zeros continuing, I said, ‘Oh, you got to be kidding me!”The lucky winner called his wife to share the news of his biggest win yet, but had to wait a while to claim his prize as it was the weekend and Maryland Lottery headquarters were closed. Another recent Maryland scratch card winner also had to wait until lottery headquarters opened before she could claim her $10,000 The Big $10 Ticket win. The lucky player’s previous wins were worth $10,000, $25,000 and $100,000, all from scratch card tickets. We recently told you about a Connecticut lottery player who won his second Keno prize in a year, both using the same numbers.Now that the money is in the bank, the big time Maryland Lottery fan plans to use his prize money to pay off some bills, do some work on his house and treat his nearest and dearest. A pair of pensioners from County Durham in England were also looking forward to treating their loved ones after winning on the People’s Postcode Lottery.To be able to fulfill some of your dreams, play online with us at