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Maryland woman “floored” when buying gas led to $1 million scratch card win
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A lottery player from Maryland in the USA has said she was absolutely “floored” when she scratched off a lottery ticket to reveal a $1 million prize.The Maryland winner, who didn’t reveal her identity on claiming the prize, said that her win was all down to good fortune because she bought her lottery ticket when she needed to make a stop and fill her car up with gas. A Maryland scratch card player from Dundalk recently won $10,000 on a scratch card he bought when filling up with gas.The 49-year-old stopped off at Greensboro Quick Shop in Caroline County, Maryland, to fill her vehicle up and purchased a 100x the Cash scratch card while she was there. At the end of last year another Maryland Lottery player won big on the 100x the Cash scratch card.The lottery player said that she was so keen to scratch off her ticket that she couldn’t even wait until she’d finished filling the car, “I was anxious to scratch my new ticket so I decided to do it as I was filling up,” she explained. “As I was scratching, I thought I didn’t win anything until I almost reached the last line.” It was then that the scratch card enthusiast realised that her lucky number matched the $1 million winner. “I was simply floored!” A man from Brampton in Ontario was in shock after winning $35 million on the Canadian Lotto Max.The lucky scratch card player said that she immediately called her husband to break the good news to him, and he told Maryland Lottery officials that he thought she was joking. “When I got the call from my wife telling me she had won the Lottery, I thought she was joking at first,” the winner’s husband said, adding that he only believed her when she took a picture of her winning scratch card and sent it to him. An Iowan scratch card winner woke her husband up from his sleep to tell him they’d won $30,000!The couple now plan to use their 100x the Cash scratch card winnings to pay off some bills and go on a well-deserved vacation. More immediately though, they told Maryland Lottery officials that they’ll be going out to dinner to celebrate. Another recent Maryland winner was planning a crab dinner to celebrate after winning on a Crab Cash scratch card.The next lucky winner could be you, just play online with us at