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Meat wholesaler wins $7 million on New York lottery scratch card with left over cash
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A couple from upstate New York who had some cash left over from a trip out have won $7 million on the lottery scratch card they bought as a result.Leon Greenberg, who works as a meat wholesaler, and his wife Karin, bought their $7,000,000 Cash Blowout ticket with money they had left over from a day out, and soon found themselves jackpot winners. Earlier this year three New York Lottery winners won prizes worth a combined $16.7 million.“Karin and I came back from a trip and had some money left over,” Mr Greenberg told New York Lottery officials of their choice to buy a scratch card. “She went down to the store to play our daily numbers and splurged on a scratch card.” Not long ago we told you about a woman from upstate New York who won $1 million on a Poker scratch card.The New York man continued to say that when his wife returned with a lottery ticket worth $7 million, he found it “unbelievable”. The Cash Blowout scratch card was worth the ticket’s ultimate jackpot value of $7 million, and Mr Greenberg said he wasted no time in signing the back of the ticket.The couple claimed their prize from New York Lottery officials, and chose to take home a one-time lump sum payment which will be worth just over $4.6 million after taxes and other withholdings. The couple said that their winnings won’t change them, but it will certainly help to make their lives easier. “I plan to continue working, but a few less hours a week from here on out,” said Mr Greenburg.Mrs Greenburg said “I can take care of my kids and grandkids forever,” with her husband agreeing that with five children and eight grandchildren, they’ll be able to help them all out in the long run. A family from Dublin who won €4.5 million on the Irish Lotto said their grandchildren would be the real winners. Mr Greenburg added: “I plan to do a lot more golfing and Karin and I will plan a trip to Vegas.” Earlier this year a Canadian Lotto 649 winner also vowed to play more golf thanks to his $30 million jackpot, while another Canadian who won $1 million on the Lotto 649 also planned a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at