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Michigan woman is million dollars richer thanks to Mega Millions lottery
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A woman from Cheboygan County in Michigan, USA, is a whole million dollars richer thanks to a Mega Millions lottery win.Brenda Jewell, a 49-year-old Michigan native, won her $1 million prize thanks to her ticket for Tuesday’s February 13 Mega Millions drawing, matching the five main numbers. On February 14, Ms Jewell attended Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim her prize, telling lottery officials that she felt a bit ill when she found out she was a big-time winner. Just last week we told you about another Michigan Lottery winner who won his second prize in the space of two years.“I checked my numbers and just felt shaky and sick,” Ms Jewell told Michigan Lottery officials when she claimed her Mega Millions prize. A woman from Detroit, also in Michigan, said she was shaking with excitement after revealing a $1 million prize on a lottery scratch card.Ms Jewell continued to say that she’d been a loyal lottery player for many years, but never thought this day would come: “I’ve played for years and dreamed of winning, but you never think it’s going to happen to you.” A Powerball winner from North Carolina finally won his $150,000 prize after 32 years of playing the lottery using the same numbers.The lucky winner said that she called her husband and daughter as soon as she found out that she’d matched numbers 5, 12, 15, 46 and 49 in the Mega Millions drawing, but that her husband didn’t believe her at first. “He told me to call the Lottery office before he left work to make sure I had really won.” A National Lottery scratch card winner from Northern Ireland said that her husband didn’t believe her when she first told him about her £100,000 prize, and when a member of a lottery syndicate in the south of England told his wife that they’d won £1 million on the UK Lotto, she thought he was pulling her leg.Once she had confirmed it, however, her husband did believe her and attended Michigan Lottery headquarters with his wife to claim the $1 million prize. The pair said that so far, their plans for the winnings are to take a vacation and build a new house, but the rest of it will be saved.“It still hasn’t really hit me yet that I won,” said Ms Jewell. “I can’t wait to be debt free and be able to actually breathe and not worry about my finances.” The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from Dave’s Place store on North Straits Highway in Cheboygan.Good fortune could be just round the corner, so purchase your tickets now at