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National Lottery scratch card winners mow champagne bottle into their lawn
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A couple from Essex who won £3 million on a National Lottery scratch card in 2016 have mowed a bottle of champagne into their lawn to celebrate.Sue Richards and Barry Maddox, from Billericay, Essex, won their £3 million fortune on a National Lottery scratch card two years ago, after which they moved into their dream home and decided to mow a little lawn art into their garden to celebrate the fortune that got them there. The couple live in a four-bedroom detached home with a large garden, and Mr Maddox said it was some friends who set him the challenge of mowing in the bottle of champagne.Mr Maddox is a keen gardener, and the lottery winners were set the challenge of creating a picture of a champagne bottle flowing into a glass. According to the National Lottery winners, the couple have previously enjoyed Wimbledon stripes and a chequerboard design in their lawn. The scratch card winner recently helped out at a children’s hospice to help spread the Christmas cheer.Ms Richards said that her partner had a friend to help him with the design, and it took the pair of them three days to mow in the bottle of fizz with three different types of lawnmower and even scissors. The National Lottery scratch card winner said that she really likes the design and the way it has turned out, and it has already attracted attention from neighbours. A UK Lotto winner from Lincolnshire inscribed his winning lottery numbers into the bottom of the pool at his mansion.“It’s bigger than what I expected but it’s amazing,” the National Lottery winner said. “Neighbours can see it as we’re in a converted bungalow and there are two-storey houses next door.” She did admit that she hasn’t yet had chance to ask the neighbours what they think of the lawn art, however. A UK Lotto winner from Nottinghamshire in England spent £100,000 on his £1.9 million winnings on a wildlife garden.Ms Richards won their £3 million on a National Lottery scratch card bought on the way home from a nigh shift as a care worker, and the couple bought their £750,000 home with a third of an acre, just like a couple from Co Meath in Ireland whose dream home could become a reality after their Irish Lotto win.If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at